Hello, this is büro MW!

büro MW is a media design studio based in Hamburg, Germany. Run by Moritz Wagner since 2008, büro MW's focus is on interactive projects, graphic design and motion graphics.
büro MW is working for clients from various commercial and cultural areas , and is available for agency booking as well.


Selected clients

AIDA3    Audiolith    BMW6    Carlsberg1    Casio1    Congstar4    Darboven1    Deutsche Messe2    Digimondo    Dove6    DPD1    E.ON    Gebr. Heinemann10    HAW Hamburg    HDI1    Immobilienscout245    Olympus7    Mercedes-Benz8    Northworks Software    ProDIAKO    Radio.de    Reemtsma1    Sport 19    Volkswagen5    Warner Music3



D+S 360°    Deepblue Networks1    DNS2    FluentAG3    Fork Unstable Media4    Geometry5    Giraffentoast    Interone6    Medienwerft    Polargold7    Scholz & Volkmer8    Spoiled Milk9    Terrahe10



+0(49) 173 714 52 34